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Pregnancy and childbirth are important milestones in a woman's life. Emotional, social and spiritual changes happen alongside the physical growth a woman and her baby experience.  


Being a part of such an important time is a privilege for us and fuels our passion for maternity care. Having the ability to follow you and your baby as you grow and thrive and extend our care to other aspects of your life are the joys of being a family doctor. 

Prenatal Care


Regular office visits are scheduled with your Terra physician, who will also coordinate appropriate tests and referrals needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


We often use these visits to discuss important topics with you as your pregnancy progresses and prepare you for your new role as parents.  


Please see PREGNANCY MILESTONES for more information.

Labour and Delivery


A Terra physician will see you and admit you once you are ready to have your baby.   She will follow you during the labor process to offer support and guidance to ensure that you and your baby remain safe and happy during this intense time.

She will also be there for your baby's delivery and help you welcome your little one.

Postpartum Care


Our team will see you and your baby during the immediate post-partum period and hospital stay to ensure that you are adjusting well to your new role and that your baby is thriving.  

We will also follow you and your baby for up to 6 weeks after delivery.  After that, we reconnect you with your referring family doctor or help you find one.

A grand adventure is about to begin.


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